Finally, you can go live on Instagram from your computer with OBS, vMix, Wirecast or any streaming software or online streaming service (Restream, CameraFi, StreamYard, YouStreamer, OneStream) that supports RTMP.

Go Live on Instagram now!

Making it on Instagram social network is a tough undertaking. Tons of new users are signing up for the platform daily, with each one chasing a similar desire to create new, engaging content for their followers, grow their viewer base, or leverage Instagram for an aspiring business venture. With such a rapidly growing pool of competitors, building a successful Instagram account is more challenging than ever. Creators need all the tools they can get their hands on to help them out.


RTMP Live Streaming

One of the top methods for cultivating audience engagement is to live stream on Instagram platform. Live video streams are a highly engaging form of content, and as such, they can draw and bolster one’s following. But while live video streaming is an incredible engagement medium, Instagram only allows it to be done from their smartphone app.

Therefore, the video quality is at the mercy of the phone’s camera, which may not always be the best quality. In a sense, this deprives a streamer’s audience of experiencing a product of great production value. However, the quality can be enhanced significantly if one were to use a camera on a PC, Mac, or Linux to go live on Instagram. The problem is that Instagram currently does not support this ability.

But there is great news! Now there is a workaround for this frustrating problem. We invite you to give our idea of going live on Instagram from your computer with RTMP.IN a shot. This solution are not affilated by Instagram in any way. This is third party solution.

Streaming Live With RTMP.IN

RTMP.IN allows you to conduct a live video broadcast from your personal computer or to quickly restream any YouTube video in just a matter of moments. You can even select any online or local streaming service you want including XSplit, vMix, OBS, Restream, Wirecast, VidBlasterX, StreamYard, CameraFi, and OneStream, as well as Melon, or YouStreamer right from your favorite browser.

The stream setup involved is similar to that of any other video streaming website.


With RTMP.IN you can:

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Security Is Paramount

When putting yourself out there via a live feed, people want to know that their likeness, data, information, and credentials are secure. RTMP.IN recognizes the vital importance of security and is therefore built to take several important measures to comply with its assurance.

RTMP.IN relies on proxy servers at the city level, minimizing the scope of potential security concerns. Additionally, it does not store the Instagram login credentials anywhere, eliminating the chance of it being intercepted by a dishonest actor online.

Most importantly, RTMP.IN leverages a 2FA (two-factor authentication) system, requiring the verification and authentication of the account through “trusted device” methods, email or SMS verification codes, and secure Google tokens.

A device can be designated as a trusted device once the user has logged in to Instagram via two-factor authentication. Once a user signs on in this manner, they can simply click Trust this device and they will be able to bypass having to enter a security password via every subsequent sign-on from that device.

While two-factor authentication found in the Instagram Security settings can only turn on two-factor authentication for users with an iOS or Android system, RTMP.IN allows the same type of setup when logging in through a computer device. Learn more about two-factor authentication on Instagram here.

Up-To-Date API

Other Instagram PC and Mac-based login and live stream solutions offer outdated Instagram API. While the API is updated on a regular basis, many services stick to the API set up at the time that the solution was first designed, which can be as far back as 3 years.

RTMP.IN, however, is regularly updated to match the latest Instagram API client versions, meaning that RTMP.IN is always at the nearest emulation of iOS devices in terms of being concurrent with the freshes versions.

No Blocked Accounts

RTMP.IN has existed for over 5 years and in that span of time, there has not been a single report of an account blocked based on its utilization with Instagram. That is a pretty great track record.

Top 500 Users

RTMP.IN has earned the trust of many users worldwide. They span all walks of life, interests, and specialties, What they have in common is that they have successfully given RTMP.IN a chance and never looked back. Check out the list of the Top 500 RTMP.IN Users. Every member on this list has at a minimal 1 confirmed broadcast using RTMP.IN.

3 Functionality Modes

RTMP.IN features three distinct modes of functionality. They include the advanced mode, YouTube mode, and Webcamera mode. Here is what you can accomplish with each mode.


With the advanced functionality feature, users can:


Webcamera / WebRTC